Sneeze Aid - Cats
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Sneeze Aid - Cats

Natural sneeze formula | Chronic cat flu
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Natural treatment for chronic cat flu
Cat flu in general is a viral infection that is very common in cats. It mostly occurs in cats that have a poor natural resistance against cat flu infection. If you want to cure your cat, it is not sufficient to just combat the infection. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics to combat the disease. Because of your cat’s poor natural resistance, the cat flu will usually return quite soon (shortly after the antibiotics have worn off).

Therefore it is very important to not only treat the cat flu. The natural resistance (immune system) has to be strengthened. Animals with strong, natural immune system are less prone to catching a virus.

In order to cure your cat, treatment has to consist of 2 aspects; Combating the virus. For this we use the Chinese herbal formula Sneeze Aid. This formula is very active against the cat flu virus and strengthening the immune system. For the Immune system you can use Sensipharm’s Echina immune booster.


Linocera, Forsythia, Platycodon, Arctium, mentha, Soja, Lopathera, Schizonepeta, Isatis Root, Isatis Folium, Scute, Trichosanthes Root and Binder.

Analytical Constituents
Crude Ash: 5,8% Crude Fat: 2,4% Crude Protein: 7,4% Crude Fiber: 14,8%

Measurement of dose

Per 5 kg. Body weight, administer 1-2 tablets twice a day orally. 


90 tablets a 250mg.

Natural product
The composition of this herbal formula is always the same, but since we are dealing with a natural product, colour, smell and flavour can vary. The product contains pure natural ingredients, without chemical additives such as gluten, yeasts, colourings, fragrance or conservatives.

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