Gastro Entero Comfort - Dog
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Gastro Entero Comfort - Dog

Herbal formula for Diarrhea | Vomit, bad appetite & thirst
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Herbal formula for Diarrhea | Vomit, bad appetite & thirst
Gastro Entero Comfort contains a special mixture of concentrated Chinese herbs, derived from the well known formula Li Zhong Wan. It helps to bring back to normal and strengthen the vital functions of the stomach-intestine system, among others, by heating it up and to complete and let flow the deficient vital energy. It dissolves phlegm and blockades, it dries excess fluids and it takes away gas and cramps.

Herbal formula for Diarrhea | Vomit, bad appetite & thirst

Subacute and chronic gastroenteritis, chronic colitis, gastroduodenal ulcers, irritable intestines, diarrhea, inflated belly, flatulence, vomit, weight loss, bad appetite and thirst. For extra support: in the recovery phase after a serious stomach-intestine infection.


Codonopsis, Atractylodes White, Ginger Raw, Hoelen, Siler, Atractylodes Red, Cardamon, Licorice, Binder.


Do not use with infectious disorders with fever.

Measurement of dose

Per 20 kg. Body weight, administer 1 tablet twice a day orally. Result can be expected within 1 or 2 weeks.


90 tabl. a 1000 mg.

Natural product

The composition of this herbal formula is always the same, but since we are dealing with a natural product, colour, smell and flavour can vary. The product contains pure natural ingredients, without chemical additives such as gluten, yeasts, colourings, fragrance or conservatives.

Analytical Constituents
Crude Ash: 4,1% Crude Fat: 0,6% Crude Protein: 4,1% Crude Fiber: 18,5%

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