Inconti Stop - Horse
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Inconti Stop - Horse

Incontinence treatment | for Horses & Ponies
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Incontinence treatment for horses & ponies.
Sensipharm’s Inconti Stop for horses is a 100% natural formula based on Chinese herbs that works directly on the sphincter. It strengthens the dog’s sphincter, so that the level of incontinence decreases and even disappears. Using Sensipharm's Inconti Stop for Horses can decrease incontinence within a few weeks. The incontinence will decrease, depending on the ratio and speed of the healing process. This will go faster in a younger animal, slower in an elderly horse. Inconti Stop needs to be applied over a longer period. 


Alpina fruit, Cuscuta, Dioscorea, Lindera, Rubus, Schisandra, Cornus, Dragon bone, Astragalus, Psoalea en binder.

Analytical Constituents
Crude Ash: 4,9%, Crude Fat: 2,5%, Crude Protein: 4,9%, Crude Fiber: 20,4%.


Do not use with diarrhoea and pregnancy.

Measurement of dose

Horses and ponies, 1-2 times a day 1 to 4 tablets orally, depending on weight and condition. Inconti Stop needs to be applied over a longer period. 


180 tablets a 1000mg.

Natural product
The composition of this herbal formula is always the same, but since we are dealing with a natural product, colour, smell and flavour can vary. The product contains pure natural ingredients, without chemical additives such as gluten, yeasts, colourings, fragrance or conservatives.

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