About Sensipharm

For 30 years now, Sensipharm has been specialised in the distribution of high quality nutritional supplements especially aimed at specialists, doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, but also directly to the consumer. We consider quality and purity of paramount importance. Only nutritional supplements are included in our range, composed of  natural, carefully selected vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, plant extracts and other health benefiting substances. Here, the best of science is combined with the best of nature. In addition, we will constantly look out for the most innovative products on the market; products providing an important contribution to our body’s defence system and self healing power.

Besides our own authorised veterinary medicines based on Chinese herbs, our products are also supplied as nutritional supplements for human consumption. In addition to this, we exclusively import ‘NuScience’ products (Cellfood etc.) and ‘Diafarm’ products especially aimed at your pet’s health.

Below, you shall find everything about Sensipharm.com‘s procedure. If you have questions after all, then you can ask them through our contact form. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

To order
There are two possibilities to reach a product:

  • Order quickly: you know which product you want to order so you can click on ‘order quickly’ in the left menu; here all products will appear in alphabetical order. All you have to do is click on the products you want to purchase.
  • Search on indication: on the red bar at the top of the site you can click on human, pigeons, horses or small pets. A screen with different indications will appear. You can click on the indication you are looking for. Now one or more products that belong to your chosen indication will follow. Do read the description of the products carefully to see which product meets your requirements best.

If you want to order an item, you can do that by clicking on ‘order’; the product will be placed in your shopping basket. Afterwards you can continue shopping and perhaps place more products in your basket. You can also remove items from your basket at all times. After you have done your shopping, you can click on ‘go to cash register’. There you will have to fill out a form. After this procedure, you shall receive an electronic invoice with information on how to pay.

To pay

  • PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can pay with your credit card. More info about PayPal.
  • To pay in advance: If you don’t have the possibility to do internet banking, there is also the possibility to transfer the money. The invoice amount will have to have entered Sensipharm’s account within four days. If the sum entered our bank account before 4.00 pm, we aspire to send the package the same day.

Shipping costs
Within the EU, € 5,95 will be charged for a package irrespective of weight. If the ordering amount is over € 65,00, we will send it for free. Outside of the EU we will agree on the mailing costs with you.

All goods will be offered by us to DPD Post for sending. Unfortunately we shall not be able to accept liability for damage and/or loss developed during the transportation of your order through DPD Post. In case your order is in stock, you will receive it within three working days.

Return Policy
At Sensipharm Pharmaceutics it is only possible to return products when a wrong delivery is involved or with demonstrable shortcomings. For more information, please have a look at our terms and conditions.