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Eczema and Chinese Herbs

Eczema is usually a sign of Interior Heat and Dryness.
Several different conditions are diagnosed as eczema.
Heat in the Blood, Yin Repletion Heat, Blood Deficiency Dryness are all called eczema.

Treating eczema requires herbs and acupuncture appropriate to the correct Chinese diagnosis. Curing eczema requires understanding the root causes.

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Heat refers to heat you can measure, like a fever, or heat you can't measure, like a hot flash. No matter the type or source of it, Heat sets matters in motion and triggers activity.

Heat appears as inflamation, hyperactivity, or over- stimulation. Heat can come from irritating chemicals, foreign organisms, or by the friction caused by the constrained flow of qi (energy). Heat is also the by-product of our metabolism and our digestion. Hormonal activity causes and is stimulated by heat. An overly stimulating diet can cause excess heat; so can a hyperactive mind or life style. Since friction, caused by the emotional constraint of qi, causes heat, frustration and emotional friction are considered to cause heat as well.

Our skin reflects heat as rashes, redness, pimples, boils, dryness, infections, and other skin inflammations. Sometimes heat is caused by Blood Deficiency. If blood is deficient, it can cause more problems than just dryness. Deficient blood cannot properly dilute normal cell wastes (toxins) which must be transported in the blood. Toxic Heat in the Blood will result. This condition will be diagnosed as many different inflamatory skin diseases. Eczema is often diagnosed when internal heat generates dryness in the skin.

Dryness can come from heat, fluid deficiency, or a dry environment. Dry weather, wind, or the influence of drying substances can cause internal and external dryness. Dryness can also come from deficiency of blood or other fluids. Internal heat, whether from feverish disease or from fluid deficiency, will further scorch the fluids, causing more dryness.